What are the issues?

A survey of residents from 2017 clearly sets out their concerns about current conditions on our streets

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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

What is a Low Traffic Neighbourhood and why do we think this is right for our area

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Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood

What is the Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood project?

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Better Streets for Brixton Hill

We are a group of local residents who want to see positive change in our local area. Our objective is quieter, calmer, greener streets that make the area a better place to live and encourage community interaction.

Speeding traffic and high pollution have created an unhealthy and dangerous neighbourhood in Brixton Hill, unwelcoming to pedestrians and children. Main roads designed for through traffic – such as the south circular and A23 Brixton Hill – surround the ward but smaller roads through the ward can be used to short cut between them. Residents have complained about these issues for many years and surveys show strong support for action.

Working with the Womens Equality Party we are now asking Lambeth Council and TfL to make Brixton Hill Ward a Low Traffic Neighbourhood as part of the Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood project.

Woman killed in tragic hit-and-run on Brixton Hill

A young woman was tragically killed in a hit-and-run incident on Brixton Hill (A23) near the New Park Road junction.
Reports suggest she was struck by a speeding vehicle heading south towards Streatham whilst crossing the road at around 00:30 on Saturday 12th January 2019.

Update – 17th January Further reports suggest that the vehicle involved in the indecent was found nearby, and a suspect was arrested in conjunction with the incident.

Road Safety Survey – Our Findings

The road safety survey launched by our councillors over one year ago has yielded no formal response from the council. However, we have obtained the data and produced our own report and findings. Our councillors have this document, but have yet to take any action.

You can find our report here.

TFL Extend Consultation Deadline

Residents living on and near Dumbarton Road should have received a physical copy of TFL’s proposals to widen the junction at Dumbarton Road/ Tulse Hill Road/ A23 and shorten the bus lanes. The proposal has a new response deadline of 5th November.

Clearly someone at TFL has realised that part of a consultation involves actually consulting with residents!

Whilst we welcome TFL proactively reaching out to residents, it is important that we engage as many residents as we can to actively oppose this scheme. An email response template and TFL’s contact details can be found on this site.