Brixton Hill as a Low Traffic Neighbourhood

Brixton Hill is the ideal location for a Low Traffic neighbourhood

  • The neighbourhood is around 1km2 (a size that enables people to walk and cycle to anywhere else within their own area).
  • The southern boundary of the cell is 2km from central Brixton and the tube station – a distance that can be easily walked in 25 minutes or less.
  • The area has a diverse mix of private and social housing with significant areas that were created as either traffic free (in the case of Blenheim Gardens) or without through traffic. That approach can be expanded to benefit residents throughout the area.
  • The area is bounded by roads that are already clearly “distributor” roads so that any traffic displaced would not be onto other minor streets.
  • By interrupting a number of longer rat runs there would be a calming effect on the neighbourhoods to the east and north as well as the streets within the Brixton Hill cell itself.

How people travel now

Only a minority drive in Brixton Hill ward. 60% of households do not have access to car and less than 10% of commutes are driven.  Less than 20% of all trips by residents are driven and both car ownership and use continues to fall year on year.

Safe routes to schools

Safer, more pleasant, conditions in the Brixton Hill area could enable a significant reduction in journeys to school that are currently driven.  Catchment areas within the zone include Sudbourne Primary, Kings Avenue, Corpus Christi, Glenbrook, Iqra VA Primary and the new Lambeth College site.

An expansion of Sudbourne Primary is underway on the site of the former Livity School on Mandrell Road. This new Sudbourne site could be developed as an exemplar ‘active travel’ school with the school run “designed-out” through changes to the local road network.

The Harris Academy has approval to build a 600 place sixth form college on the Territorial Army site on Crescent Lane.

The site is bounded by a major existing cycle route (LCN25) that will form a key part of Lambeth’s cycling grid.  However, all of the approach roads are highlighted in the survey as currently having issues with speeding and rat-running (Branksome, Lambert, Lyham, Strathleven). If measures are not taken additional ‘school run’ motor traffic will result and conditions will worsen further.