What’s Wrong With Our Streets?

Road Safety Survey – 2017

Our councillors conducted a road safety survey in the spring of 2017. They have not issued any findings, actions, or follow ups to date, but they have made the survey response data available.

224 residents answered the survey, which is about 17% of households in the ward. This is a high response rate for this type of survey, confirming that this is an issue many residents feel strongly about.
We’ve analysed the raw data and produced our own report, with some preliminary statistics and findings – ¬†you can read it on the link below. This report has been sent to our councillors, yet no action has been taken, we are have never had a formal response from them on the findings.

Unsurprisingly, the data shows that ‘Speeding by cars’ and ‘Rat Running’ are the top two issues that local residents have in regards to road safety in our local area, but there are a number of other issues too – namely around cycling and pedestrian crossings.

We would like to use this report as a starting point for an open dialogue with our councillors about these issues, and how they intend to fulfil their election pledge:

“Better pavements and safer roads, with better and safer facilities for cyclists and pedestrians”