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The Railton area is about to be transformed for the better. 

Those who are used to seeing Railton Road filled with exhaust fumes and traffic standoffs will be in for a surprise. Instead of traffic, Railton Road will be home to a series of road signs, cameras and planters all designed to make it a safer place to walk and cycle. 

Residents got the good news about these changes when a letter through the mailbox outlined the plans for the area. But those who are already excited about the cleaner and safer future of the area are well aware that for now, these measures are only temporary. The council has permission to keep these changes in place for up to 18 months — but we’ve heard that if the local residents tell the council they like it, the changes could be made permanent, and even expanded to include mini parklets, play areas and additional greenery on the reclaimed streets.

That’s why we’re asking everyone who is supportive of the scheme to get in touch with their local councillors now and let them know. The more excitement they see in the community, the more likely it is that these changes will be here to stay.

How to get in touch

Jack Hopkins, Leader of the CouncilEmail: [email protected]
Twitter: @JackHopkins_Lab
Claire Holland, Deputy Leader of the Council (Sustainable Transport, Environment and Clean Air)Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @clairekholland
Helen Hayes, MP for Dulwich and West NorwoodEmail: [email protected]
Twitter: @helenhayes_

What do I say?

Make sure you introduce yourself and say which road you live on. Your councillors are deeply familiar with the local area and odds are they might know your favourite local cafe or pub!

Beyond that, local councillors love hearing from residents in their own words — but here’s a guide to the kind of things you might want to work into your response.

  • I’m getting in touch to let you know I’m excited about the Railton Low Traffic Neighbourhood and I hope the temporary changes can be made permanent in the future
  • As a parent, I’m grateful that you’re taking measures to make the neighbourhood safer for my children. It’s so important to me for their route to school to be car-free so we can walk/cycle in safety, and for the air they breathe to be clean and free of the air pollution that comes from excess traffic.
  • As a pedestrian, I’m grateful for all you’re doing to make the neighbourhood safer for me to navigate. I love walking around Brixton, but I have always hated having to dodge speeding traffic and hold my breath to avoid breathing in fumes when passing busy intersections. 
  • As a cyclist, I’m so excited to know I’ll be safer when riding around my home. Railton Road has always felt dangerous, particularly towards Coldharbour Lane. I’m so grateful to you for making changes to make me feel safer — and to give new cyclists the opportunity to get on their bikes too!
  • As a driver, I understand these changes will make little changes to me and those who visit me, but will make massive changes for the neighbourhood. Making sure the local roads are for local traffic only is a great idea.

These are just some ideas to get you started, but in the end, whatever you say will be perfect as long as it comes from the heart!

If you have any questions or you want to get involved, send us a message at [email protected]